About the Board

Volunteers from our community keep the Nottingham Downs homeowners’ association board in business. The board meets once a month to review pending property change requests, plan subdivision events, and conduct formal subdivision business.

Board leadership is elected on an annual basis by the board. Board members-at-large are elected by residents and generally serve at least three-year terms.

2019 Officers


Julie Walstrom

Vice President

Cara Neill


Sherry Dyer


Our current board committees are: 

Annual Dinner

Julie Walstrom, Sherry Dyer, Lacey Seemann


Aaron Dirks, Dan Reardon

Communication Director

Dan Reardon


Cara Neill

Garage Sale

Amelia Cierpiot, Julie Walstrom

Overland Park Liaison

Dan Jacobson


Mark Gardner, Bill Snyders, Lacey Seemann

Stream Clean-up & Monuments

Aaron Dirks, Bill Snyders


Dan Jacobson, Cara Neill

Welcoming & NextDoor

Julie Walstrom, Sherry Dyer, Dan Reardon

Yard of the Month

Amelia Cierpiot, Cara Neill, Michael Raupp

Question about what the committees are doing? Interested in joining the board?

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